Our Perspective on Quackwatch   


If you have googled “nutritional microscopy” or “live blood cell analysis” you have no doubt come across a review on a website called quackwatch.com, which refers to live cell analysis as “high tech hokum” and attempts to devalue the utility of this educational tool. 


While everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, the review at quackwatch.com contains significant misinformation regarding the practice and purpose of live blood cell analysis.  

First and foremost, nutritional microscopy is NOT a diagnostic test. Nutritional microscopy is a screening tool commonly used by holistic medical, osteopathic, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, as well as other health care professionals around the world, to assist individuals by: 

  • Providing an early warning of possible future health challenges 
  • Detecting patterns of cellular disorganization 
  • Alerting to the need for a medical referral  
  • Monitoring a health challenge before and after adopting an approach to restore health and balance  
  • Determining the effectiveness of various approaches to restoring health and balance  

The second piece of misinformation is the allegation that nutritional microscopy is a scam used to prescribe and sell expensive and unnecessary nutrition supplements. Although we cannot speak for all nutritional microscopy practitioners, at Personalized Wellness Solutions, we utilize the information gained through live blood cell analysis to suggest low cost, healthy, and nutrient rich dietary interventions to help restore an acid-alkaline balance to the body.  


The quackwatch.com website is troubling because it is purportedly a consumer advocacy website intended to inform and protect the public from fraud and harm among the health care and wellness industry. However, it fails to provide its readers with an objective, balanced, scientifically sound approach to evaluating the utility or lack thereof of various tools, supplements and approaches to health and wellness. For instance, an individual who was truly dedicated to informing his fellow consumers of risks they might encounter in the health care realm would be remiss to neglect to provide an evidence based review or two of the hazards of pharmaceutical drugs-which are the 2nd leading cause of un-intentional injury death in the United States . Unfortunately, there are no such reviews on quackwatch.com.  The majority of pages on quackwatch.com are dedicated to often one-sided bashing of alternative health care practices. No industry is without fraudulent, manipulative and inappropriate behavior by nefarious, greedy shysters; “buyer beware” is a cliché that has been repeated for a reason. As always, when evaluating sources of information, the responsibility falls on the reader to “do their homework” and determine the credibility, credentials, potential biases and motives of the author. The individual who maintains the quackwatch.com website is a retired psychiatrist by the name of Stephen Barrett. Mr. Barrett has no formal training or clinical experience in nutritional or herbal medicine. In addition, Mr. Barrett’s character and medical credentials have been publicly called into question during a defamation lawsuit during which he admitted to not being a licensed physician for over a decade and that he had failed a neurological exam, preventing him from being certified as a specialist. He was also forced to admit to misrepresenting himself as a licensed physician in a previous court case.  


If you have questions regarding the utility or practice of live blood cell analysis, we encourage you to contact us or learn more by reading the work of Dr. Robert O. Young, world renowned research scientist and pioneer of the New Biology™.  

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